Korea, Day 1

28 03 2008

I’ve been awake for more than 36 hours, but we made it here safely. As soon as we landed we began a long ass day full of meetings. The efficiency of the Koreans is astounding… There are glasses on the tables @ immigration next to the pens, so in case that you don’t have yours, you can see what you are writing..There are tons of apartments, most of which are rented for $50,000, but when you move, you get that money back, the landlord takes as rent the interest on that money…
There is a Starbucks next to The Coffee Bean, in case that you can’t make up your mind…

At the beach park, there is a service station like this…in case you forgot yours.. I’m sure I’ll keep seeing signs of how efficient these people are…

But anyways, what we came to do…This is in Taean.. We are doing the first pilot testings here… this is what it looks like now, after 4 months of intensive work by more than 1 million volunteers…The papers are to collect the oil, but by using this, they are just generating more waste…

It is pretty bad, but don’t fear, because we are confident in our ability to clean it up…by the way, the food sucks…but I’ll update more on that tomorrow..




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