Hello, can I get some tech support here??

8 05 2008

In my office we don’t have a networking person. My boss, who we will call Y, in his constant attempt to save money, has decided we should do the work ourselves..Hence the fact that we have no website, no wireless Internet, not even voicemail setup.. It sucks..

Today I got an email for a very important project. Y has been asking for that document for two days. The document was created with office 2007..When I explained to Y, for the 59th time, that I can’t open these documents, he got upset…and then he asked, well what office program do you have..and I answered: office crap…

Anyone has any recommendations regarding a good website designer??..I’d like someone local to socal..but for the right price, I’ll go with anyone..How about someone who can create a logo?? I have this new product, great idea, environmentally safe cleaning product, but I need a logo…a brand…

There is a new boy around..all lovely and jewish…last night we had a great date..One of those nights full of laughter, and stories and wine..and sleepovers…

And talking about great news, I finally got my ticket to Israel!!! I will be flying to NY to visit my aunt for a day before and a day after I come back..I’ll be in HEAVEN the last week of July and the first week of August..

And a picture, because I need to take more…




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