and then we pretended to be jewish..

27 06 2008

The afternoon began when Lucy realized she left her hairdryer in the car they had towed the night hour before we were suppose to be at birthday party..Thank God for cheap Latin beauty shops all over Silverlake… A beer, 20 minutes and $26 later, we looked decent enough to go out..

The birthday was as usual, a bunch of people we know, tons of food, not enough wine, and the occasional obnoxious Israeli… we made it out of there with enough time to have a drink or two at Elana’s before heading out to an Israeli singer’s concert after party… which we hoped would be filled with Israelis.. 2 minutes into it..Lucy decided there were no Israelis for her.. She actually said”they are all potheads” I about died laughing because 1) What did you expect and 2)is that a problem for you?

We decided to stay, and it so happens that there were Israelis, tons of them… not our kind of Israelis, true, but really, did you expect to find accountants and lawyers in here??

For some reason I thought Elana knew him..or maybe she does… In any case, 10 minutes later we were talking about our jobs, our lives… He was amazed by my hebrew, I was amazed that he didn’t look like a pothead…

And then we kissed…in between Lucy being upset, Elana getting lost, the band members hitting on us and me getting drunker by the minute…

If this was a practice run for our trip, we have a lot to work on…




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