is it always this humid???

16 10 2008

I’ve been having headaches for about a month now. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. So I finally made it to the doctor…after considering a hundred options, which included an MRI, I mentioned I hadn’t had my vision checked in like 5 years… So off we go to do a preliminary test…
both eyes
I couldn’t see the bottom 3 rows of the chart.. cover your left eye.. the same.. cover your right eye… OMFG I can’t see the bottom 6 rows… So yeah.. pretty soon I’ll be probably sporting a pair of spanking new contacts…
Yep, I love my HMO.. especially when within 3 hours I got a flu shot, 3 tubes of blood drawn, the vision test, more tests, a sinus x-ray, prescriptions AND an order for a sonommamogram…(for which, btw, I have to wait one week)..ahhh..the bliss of not knowing what the fuck is wrong with your body and what to do to fix it…

In other news.. I spent the weekend in Miami…well that is if you don’t count an impromptu trip to the middle of nowhere, aka LAKELAND to visit my family.. but it was soooo worth it.. I miss them so much, and it was great to catch up, and have organic food for dinner (which I managed to buy @one of the 5 Whole Foods in all FL, in West Palm Beach..) My uncles, the girls, my aunts, my crazy cousins (although in their book I am the crazy one)… sneaking a bottle of wine with Michaela while we watched my favorite Javier Bardem movie… So.. Miami.. my dad, the sunrise, Jeanellie (whom I miss more everyday)… Breakfast in Coconut Grove with her and Ami, beers with my dad, Saturday night partying (which due to the previously mentioned beers and latin food ended up being a girls only, please don’t interrupt us, we are fine at this table, can we have some dinner, and ok, it’s almost 5am, we should go kinda night)… My dad cooking for Jeanellie and me, an AMAZING movie (maldeamores, by lovely Benicio).. South Beach… long conversations with my dad.. more wine.. and an early trip to the airport..
and this…a few days of just me and my beloved…who I am afraid to say that ALMOST died on me this weekend… Thank god I have this on my wishlist.

more pics to come…




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