Back to the desert…

25 11 2008

We have been talking about this for a while, and today I finally got us tickets to travel to Dubai… Dubai people, like, in the Middle East..We will be presenting in a conference there in January, and then I am taking a few days off to go to Paris… I am so beyond excited, although I know that this means sleepless nights and extensive meetings for all the holiday period. Things have been tough lately at work, but I have to appreciate that we are still busy, and expanding, considering the mess the world’s economy is in… and the fact that I get to chose my projects, and I am doing something I REALLY LOVE… Plus, as much as I complain, there are perks, like the trips, and the experience, and the meetings, and the fact that my boss trusts me enough to put me in charge of operations like this…and in case I need a vacation from this trip, I will be spending four days in Paris on my way back…

It was so hard to choose, because I could technically go anywhere in Europe… But, north of France it will be too cold, Greece?, too risky, fuck I call Greece when I am drunk HERE, god knows I would have just made my way to his village after few ouzos, and Italy? A bit out of the way… The other option was Madrid, but Paris was easier logistically, and way cheaper.. and besides, it might be dangerous to go to Spain alone, I might fall in love with the… ahhh.. buildings.. and then have to stay there 😉

So get ready to hear a lot of complaints about my lack of time, a lot of travel planning ideas which I won’t be able to fit into two weeks, and my usual random stories… Oh, and I am leaving for PR on Thursday!!! but more on that later…



2 responses

1 12 2008

That is so exciting!!! Can you scrap at the Oasis on Wed.?

1 12 2008

That is so exciting!!! Can you scrap at the Oasis on Wed.?

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