I had a few parties this weekend…

16 12 2008

My boss had a party at his house. It is always nice to go because I know all their family, and they ADORE me… Sophie came along…

And as usual, the persians went crazy dancing… Thank god they are cool with me not taking part in the madness.. and Nima’s cousins? So cute, it was cool to see them…
I just had a little wine, and I was home by 2am… but Sunday, I could BARELY wake up… and I had already made plans to go to Laury’s Christmas party… So I took a shower, picked up some desserts at the persian market, grabbed some vodka and cranberry juice, and I got there 3 hours late, as usual… And too many drinks, tons of food, and a few deserts later…
As you can see, I had a GREAT time.. After this we had the not so brilliant idea to go out to a bar IN LA, in the rain… yeah, we never made it, so back to Laury’s it was…

Today we woke up to rain… It took me 1.5 hours to get to the office! Rainy days should be holidays here, seriously, people have NO CLUE how to drive in the rain :0 it has been raining non stop since last night, and it is FREEZING!!! and with my not so fun hangover, I came home early today..and now I’m hanging by the fireplace with Sophie… and freaking out because my trip is in about 2.5 weeks… and I still need to find some winter clothes!! ok, gotta go.




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