The one where I try to catch up

2 07 2009

Ok.. well.. Life has been HECTIC to say the least.. after the trip, while I tried to adjust to the schedule of being a responsible adult, and actually showing up to work, I had a visit to the ER. As much as hospitals fell so familiar, and I am so comfortable around blood and tropical diseases, I avoid going to one until I am near death. As I was driving to work (again trying to be a responsible adult), and after 2.3 hours of feeling like my ovaries were being stabbed by one of those specialty knifes that can slice a tomato in mid air, I made a detour to my doctor… Long story short, I ended up spending a day in the ER, and after a million tests, they found out I had an ovarian cyst… great… So I had surgery and was out of work for a few days… meanwhile, I had a few people staying over at the house…

So, now that I am healthy, and the visitors are gone, I am focusing on organizing the house and getting back on track with life… and just because so much has been going on, here are some pics…

One of my best friends is having a baby, and being the scrapbooker that I am, I was in charge of the invites, and a million other things… but all turned out amazing, and we all had a great time.

Lucy moved to a new place
Lucy's new place

And we had a party there for her birthday

and Ed made killer burgers on the grill

and of course, my favorite scarf… I got this in Dubai, and oh, God, I am in love. If I could only get more…
I had to.. :P
Ok… hopefully with the holiday and having a more organized house, I’ll have more time for posting soon!!




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