On letting go…

14 10 2009

I tend to have a very strong character. But, like many people, I don’t deal well with goodbyes. This week, I will have to say goodbye to someone very special to me. Oliver has been part of my life for the past 7 months. He is the sweetest, smartest, loveliest dog ever. But sadly, my hectic schedule, unplanned trips to LA, and the nature of my job, make it almost impossible to be there for him. The way he needs, at least. So after some research and a few adoption  drives, we found a great home for my boy. The time I have left with him is one I will always cherish. I find myself hugging him a little bit longer, giving him extra treats in the evening, telling him I love him more often, taking a few more pictures of him, letting him sleep in a little bit longer.



But I made a decision in my life some time ago. Something happened, something changed, and I just want to focus on being better, on being the best me. And being the best, in this case, means making sure he is placed with the best family available. And I think that the one we found is it!!




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