Because change is inevitable…

29 10 2009

Nothing remains the same for long. Knowing this makes harder times more bearable, while at the same time, it makes us stop and enjoy the good moments. Lately, a lot of changes have taken place in my life. Suddenly things are very different than what they were 3 months ago. Good, but different nonetheless. Oliver is gone, along with the summer. The warm evenings have been replaced by cold nights. The fog covers everything in the mornings, which, if it weren’t for the hot espresso I know is waiting on the other side of the house, would make waking up almost unbearable.

The people in my life have changed. Some are holding onto old grudges for no apparent reason, others have shown me exactly how much I can count on them, in case there was any doubt. Some of them have been lucky enough to be facing exciting times, times of renewal and learning and new experiences.  Others have been lucky enough to be dealing with uncertain times, the kind of times that makes you ask questions and look inside yourself, to face your fears; you learn to let go, to pay attention, to breathe.

I have changed. My reasons, priorities, questions, decisions, intentions, desires, they have changed. I am focusing more energy in the positive, in spending time with the ones that matter, in keeping myself in check, in taking breaks of the kind that renew your spirit and cleanse your soul.

Sometimes, it is not change what scares us, but losing the memories, missing the opportunities, forgetting the lessons, making a mistake. We either adapt to change or we get left behind. And progress is only made when we keep moving, when we adapt.

Sometimes, change is everything we need.





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