Sunday Faves…

23 11 2009

Because Friday was spent with sushi and drinks 😉

Click the pics for the links…

Moss Ornaments
So getting these for my tree

Freedom of Choice
Because they fit amazingly well…

Because I think this is hilarious

Modern Family Tree
These would make even my family tree look good…

They are sooo going to be on my Christmas/Chanukkah wish list…




4 responses

23 11 2009

You always find the coolest stuff.

23 11 2009

awesome stuff!

23 11 2009

Wow, some cool stuff to check out! Love those ornaments!

25 11 2009
Elizabeth Marie

I need those WTFWJD cards IIIIIIMMMMMEDIATELY or I might die.

Yay I’m so glad you found my blog!!

Re-the friend thing…it’s so darn hard right? Makes you appreciate the ones who aren’t assholes. Can I say that here? I’m new, clearly I have no manners and go cussing up in the place. 🙂

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