Friday Wishes

11 12 2009

Because holiday shopping is about to begin…

For Hanukkah…

Wood Menorah



For the instant gratification…




For the colors


For getting the cool Holga look and not having to carry an extra camera




For my collection
The Button




For my living room…




For more time, for less traffic, for more kisses, for less worries, for more sunsets, for less anger, for more sharing, for less expecting, for more sanity, for less medication.



28 11 2009

For foggy mornings and chilly winters, for transatlantic flights, and cabins in the mountains. For girlfriends and boyfriends, and french wine, and birthday kisses, and a fireplace to light up. For the moments, and the pictures, and the phone calls, and the hugs that bring comfort, and the uncertainty of Sundays. For morning coffee and the rainy season, for music, for rainbows, for spontaneous  trips to San Francisco. For family time, and dog park visits, and toothpaste, and collections. For vintage shopping, and farmer’s markets, for L A weekends, and learning Hebrew. For friends that love you, and those who left you, for good advice, and bad decisions. For helping others, and sharing stories, for polaroids, for the beach I live on. For changing seasons, for the right reasons, for love letters, for meditation. For foreign movies, and foreign kisses, for beachside sunsets, for whom to share them. For the future, for the lessons, for the recipes, for goodnight kisses. For new jeans, and old books, and for airports, and the circus.

For what will come, for what I need, for what I wish for, for what I’m given.


24 11 2007

This was my first year of not having a big event for Thanksgiving…I decided to just cook dinner and hang out at E’s house. He is studying for the CPA license in California, and I was assigned a project in the valley, so neither of us had time or energy to host a party. After what seemed like countless trips to Whole Foods, and looking up a million recipes, I got to work…

A 9lb turkey, with my specialty cranberry, walnut, mushrooms stuffing, and butternut squash with caramelized onions…And the BEST pumpkin pie recipe ever!!
This year I have tons of things to be grateful for…my family, my friends, our health…but above all I am most grateful for the path I’ve had to cross to get here, and how much I have learned and grown, specially in the last few years of living in LA. And who I am is something I am grateful for every. single. day. I miss my family, and half my friends are not here with me, but it has been so fulfilling to have my own holidays, to begin my own traditions, TO FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH MYSELF, to not try to please everyone, and for once, to celebrate, just for me…