Friday Wishes

11 12 2009

Because holiday shopping is about to begin…

For Hanukkah…

Wood Menorah



For the instant gratification…




For the colors


For getting the cool Holga look and not having to carry an extra camera




For my collection
The Button




For my living room…




For more time, for less traffic, for more kisses, for less worries, for more sunsets, for less anger, for more sharing, for less expecting, for more sanity, for less medication.


Friday Faves

4 12 2009

DNA TestingDNA TestingDNA TestingDNA Testing

Genetic Analysis, Carrier Status, Disease Risk, Lineage, Updated monthly with new research. Brilliant.


Post Secret
Post Secret Sundays. I’ve seen so many of my secrets here.

Citizen Scholar is a company that focuses on Design and Sustainability. Awesome. I so need to make a “things I need to do” project…


Bad Ones

Photos of the kind that take you somewhere else…

Sunday Faves…

23 11 2009

Because Friday was spent with sushi and drinks 😉

Click the pics for the links…

Moss Ornaments
So getting these for my tree

Freedom of Choice
Because they fit amazingly well…

Because I think this is hilarious

Modern Family Tree
These would make even my family tree look good…

They are sooo going to be on my Christmas/Chanukkah wish list…

Friday Faves

13 11 2009

Fashion Icon
I know someone that would love this poster 😉

I couldn’t have said it better

I love this print

I am so inspired to make something

I so want to go back

Friday Faves…

6 11 2009

retro whale has an amazing blog and an even better etsy shop.

Lovely Poster

Lovely Dress

First Aid Kit
Saw this in San Francisco last month, but the thought of carrying it all over a very busy Chinatown stopped me from getting it. So happy to find it online.

Doggie Scarf
The cutest doggie clothes ever!!