5 12 2008
I was 13 years old, my parents frustrated with our inability to sit still in class… After many therapist visits, hour long conversations, and countless meetings with our teachers, they decided to find us a better school… So there I was… beginning high school away from the familiar… but we all know how I thrive in those kind of environments, the kind where I get to reinvent myself.. so it didn’t take long for me to make a few friends (and a bunch of enemies)… and then, somehow, one day I was part of this group… a group of people that not only loved my crazy, but complemented it… this people became my lifeline, my escape… With them I’ve experienced everything, from school night partying until 4am, to getting the highest test scores, from drunken weekends, to all of them being the most successful, happy people I know, from breakups, cross-country moves, college, tears, kids, holidays, secrets, boyfriends, fights, the best road trips, tons of wine, and everything in between..When Frances told me last year that she was getting married, to Joel, whom she has been dating (on and off, I should said) since we were in High school, I was sooooo happy.. and then a few months later, she calls to tell me that she is pregnant… and then, a month later, that Chachi is pregnant… and that I would not be a maid of honor because she knows I don’t really like those things?? OMG, I HAD to fly home…and Fari got me a KILLER dress…and we had been drinking since Friday
It was the BEST Thanksgiving weekend of my life…

…here we are again… 14 years later

some new people that feel like they’ve been here all along, Lori’s girls, trips, the boys, their girlfriends (whom I absolutely ADORE), a few marriages, Hollywood, Law school, oil spills and frequent flier miles between us… but it still feels like we are 13…
So when I think about what I’m grateful in life… besides my family, all the incredible experiences I have been blessed with, my friends here, who have also made me a part of their lives, and my choices, good or bad, but mine… I think of these guys first.. because they have made me who I am.. because every moment we spend together feels like warm summer nights in San Juan, of beach days, of dinners, of happiness, of drunken afternoons, of that special bond of growing up in the same place that we will share forever…

…and we are back.

18 11 2008

OMG.. moving is the worst.. I seriously hope this is the LAST time I have to move before I buy a house…in which case I am hiring people to do all the work. The house was sooo dirty when I moved in, I spent a whole week cleaning it. No pics yet, way too much organizing to do. But it is looking AMAZING… and having a whole room for working on my pics?? PRICELES..

In other news, Ita celebrated his birthday, (seriously, was it two weeks ago?) and the morning after we all walked down to the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market, which is an AMAZING gathering of people hungover from the previous night, looking to eat some healthy food in order to not feel the guilt that comes from overindulging over the weekend… Oh, wait, maybe that was just us… and speaking about guilt…Genius..

and how lucky is he to have this wife? She has been a part of my favorite girls for a very long time.. I will miss them when they leave for Israel next year…
I promise to update more often… Besides, I have a million things to talk about 😉