Goals, because I might forget…

5 11 2009

I started taking a class, about blogging and scrapbooking… I know, I know, I barely have time. But, see, I’ve slowly learned that you have time for what you make a priority. There is always time. I mean, I live alone, with a very tiny dog, and work is, well, kinda slow. And besides, I read somewhere that to really master everything, you need to spend at least 10,000 hours doing it. So if I want to learn to prioritize, I better get going…
New class

Goals, in no specific order…
1. Write more often, write better. About everything, life, plans, ideas, lovers, hangovers… Because honestly, I have a million stories to tell.
2. Workout consistently. Because when I do I let all the stress out, because it makes me stronger, because it keeps me sane.
3. Pay more attention. Because we all know focusing is not one of my strengths.
4. Keep learning. About myself, about others, about life. And put those lessons to good use.
5. Be more organized. Because well, it is never fun losing your keys for the 20th time this week.
6. Remember to breathe.

So, now that I have made clear what I want to do, I just need to figure out how to do it consistently. I am sure that like all my lists, this one will continue growing over the next few months. The plan is to be ready, for when the year ends, for when the unexpected happens, for capturing the good memories, for when boys need to be forgotten, for when the weather gets colder, for when a new love walks in..