Last night I went running…

30 09 2009

The silence that surrounded me felt surprisingly comforting. The sea next to me, its lack of blue hidden by the darkness, brings smells of home, of far away places. As I run, trying to focus on my breathing, on my speed, on my muscles, I remember. And suddenly I am distant. Somewhere else. If it weren’t for the fog, I could be anywhere. And my pace increases, and my thoughts drift, and race through my head, one triggering the next. The smell of the ocean, sunsets in San Juan, times with old friends, sunrises in Tel Aviv, coffee with myself, this same beach, him there with me.

And suddenly I rush back, gasping for air. It feels like autumn, and the air is heavy, and for the first time in many days, I notice his absence. And I let it embrace me for a moment, and on the edge of hurting and wanting, I recover. Maybe it was the wind coming from the Pacific, or that my run was almost over, or maybe the feeling of possibility that comes with every change of season. In any case, I felt better, awake, happy, at peace. And I did the only thing I could at the moment, while running in the dark, with the smell of the sea around me. I gathered all those feelings and sent them to him inside a cloud, surrounded by the songs and kisses we used to share.

Chris Craymer

28 07 2009

and the best pictures of kisses EVER…





and my favorite one…


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