since everyone seems to be celebrating biblical tragedies this week…

10 04 2009

I need to ponder on the happiness that surrounds me.. on the unexpected, the moments, the friendships, the lessons… but first, this is what has been going on…


He is beautiful…Can’t wait to meet him in a few weeks when I go back home..

We are still getting adjusted to Oliver being home.. well, I am, because Sophie has adapted extremely well.. School is going ok, for the most part… and it is already Passover…

It may be the antidepressants talking, but this weekend is full of possibility..

On my list:

  1. Print new pictures
  2. Take the dogs on a long walk
  3. Yoga
  4. Organize the scraproom
  5. Engineering Economy Homework… ufff
  6. Set up my new typewriter
  7. Go to the beach
  8. Spend a few hours learning Dreamweaver…
  9. Have coffee by the fireplace while watching new movies from Netflix..
  10. Saturday Morning Farmer’s Market shopping

So here it is.. although considering my ADD I might only get a few of those things done.. but it will not matter, because it is Friday, and somehow, for the next 60 hours, work will not be controlling my life…