Puerto Rico

3 12 2009

Photographer Elliot Erwitt was 26 when his photographs were featured in a promotional campaign for travel to Puerto Rico. More than 55 years later, he has visited Puerto Rico again. This time, the campaign includes a website, seepuertorico.com.
Puerto Rico
The photos are fascinating. Ewitt has managed to portray  Puerto Rico in a refreshing light, and has included many integral aspects of what makes us who we are. They remind me of home, and it is like I can almost feel the salt from the sea in my hair, the sun beating down on the streets, the humidity in the air, the sound of a night in Old San Juan.

Here you can read the NY Times article.

back to the H-wood…

5 05 2009

Well, more like back in Orange County, but you get the idea.. Nothing like coming home to the beach to ease the pain of leaving my island once again. And since I always fail to properly document my vacations on my blog, here are a few pics to get me started…

Day 1

My friends dragged me to an Agriculture Fest.. in the new Botanic Garden

with Eric

It was hot and crowded, but we had some of these


and I got to spend time with the girls, and the new baby


and this poor calf almost falls off that truck as we were leaving

I would so take you home with me

Day 2

I was stuck in meetings all day, but in the evening, we went to a few bars


And dude, isn’t this the smartest homeless ever??

smart homeless

Day 3

San Juan

Since everyone seemed to be working, I spent the day in Old San Juan shooting pics

La Puerta de San Juan

This place is so magical…

Paseo la Princesa

I went countless times here as a kid to feed the pigeons…


Catedral de San Juan

I grew up here, between an ocean and the Caribbean, with the salt of the sea permanently stuck to my soul…